We work with numerous partners. Some are deal finders who we pay to find properties for us to purchase. Some invest with us for a guaranteed return. And some partner in the actual project or work.

Why property?

“90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate” — Andrew Carnegie

The UK housing is pressured with demand having significantly exceeded supply over recent decades. That has contributed to rising house prices and we don’t expect that to change within the medium-term. That makes us confident that the right property investments will create increasing wealth over time.

Is property still attractive?

Yes if you know what you are doing. We work with a number of investors who have tried to purchase property themselves and found it consumes both time and money. We have purchased their properties and they have chosen to invest the funds with us. giving a higher return on their investment than they could make themselves using up zero of their time. Would you like the same?

Invest with us

We have tailor made investments for income, capital growth or both. We look to construct long term, well considered investments that withstand market moves and interest rate rises. We have always considered the impact of economic shocks and with continue to do so in the future. Throughout the Covid pandemic, all our investments have continued to perform as expected.

We offer a range of investment opportunities

  • The Guaranteed Return – the Private Loan

Our investors receive a guaranteed return significantly higher than a traditional bank savings account or ISA. This is legally drawn up through as a Company Loan Agreement.  This option provides a secure investment with a commitment period typically between six and twenty four months.

  • Partnering as a Joint Venture

A far more flexible option, we agree to split the costs and share the profit.  This is a legally sound Joint Venture Agreement with security and relevant insurance to maximise protection from all parties.

Contact us to hear ideas on how we can help you realise extra income or wealth.

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