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About Us

Kent Renaissance started with the goal of improving homes in Kent.
Kent is one of the largest, most populous counties in the UK. It has huge variety, diverse resources and talents, yet has some of the most deprived areas.
We saw it as time to improve that. We find forgotten or empty properties and bring them back to life to provide families great places to live.

A Renaissance in Housing in Kent

Kent Renaissance does 5 Main Things with Existing Properties as well as New Build



Buy Refurbish Rent (sometimes called BRRR with Refinance at the end). We purchase a run down property – often the worst on the street – do it up and rent it to tenants who get to live in a fresh high quality home.

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Lease to Let

Similar to this is Lease to Let – instead of buying the property we lease it from a landlord, do it up then rent it to tenants (who get to live in a fresh high quality home). Why would a landlord do this? They get guaranteed rent and don’t have to manage tenants and empty properties – hands off for them. And there can be tax advantages too, especially around capital gains.



We buy a property and split it into more homes. Ideally we like the worst or empty property on a street so it gets improved at the same time as converted. Flat conversions is the one most people have heard of. We use builders to do the work.


Assisted Sales

This is the one where people confuse us for estate agents. We agree to buy a property at a strong price, usually higher than anyone else has offered. Before we own it we refurbish it, then sell it to a new buyer for a higher price. Why would an owner do this and not improve it themselves? Because it’s expensive and can be tricky (planning and so on). We’re experts who take away all the pain – owners just sit back and benefit. We use estate agents for the sale.



Similar to assisted sales. We agree to buy a property for a strong price. Before we own it, we extend it or add another story (to a bungalow) then sell it to a new buyer for a higher price. Again it’s hands free, stress free benefit for the owner.

So there we have it. By targeting Kents poor quality housing we have the goal of raising standards and improving this most populous, misunderstood county.

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New Builds

We engage in all forms of newbuilds. We specialise in taking greenfield and greenbelt projects through planning and working with complex and difficult situations.

We can arrange the purchase of prospective land, promote land through planning, and execute instruments such as options to get the right result for the landowner.

We Would Love To Transform Your Property

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